Deveci Bağları


Çeşme peninsula is located 80km’s from Izmir. It  is a touristic region which has a grand highway access. The village of Ovacik is host to Chios Island on its west, Karaburun on the north, the Aegean Sea on the south and the village of Alacati on the east. Greeks, former Yugoslavians and residents of Selanik have settled here during the Great War.


Ovacık is a volcanic region which is rich in minerals. It contains clay in its soil, which provides   a great opportunity to grow grape vines. Other major produce  in the region are;  grapes, melons, artichokes, and the famous Ovacik tomatoes.


The region has a typical Aegean coastal climate. According to our own readings from the past 10 years, the annual amount of rainfall is 880 mm. Due to its close proximity to the sea, the risk of early spring frost is at a minimum. Strong winds in the spring and the summer offer a perfect climate.

The optimal conditions for any fruit, which requires a difference in the day and night temperatures can easily be found in Ovacik, especially in the summer.

The distinctive color, taste and aromas found in the Ovacık grapes are carried over by the prevailing sea breeze. The wind also helps us in pest control and allows us to use very small amounts of pesticides.



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