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Lütfi Deveci laid the foundations of modern agriculture in Turkey, when he established his first farm in Samsun in 1937.

More than 20 different varieties of apples, pears, peaches and prunes consumed in Turkey  roots back to this single farm.

Saplings, which were very hard to import at the time, were grown, cloned and distributed to the other  farmers in the area.

The most advanced vaccination, pruning and planting methods of the time were first adapted by the Deveci family. American watermelons, local strawberries -which are now long forgotten-, seedless melons were all grown in these farms.

The “Deveci Pear” which bears the family name and has become one of Turkey’s most renowned agricultural produce was developed, following rigorous research, by Lütfi Deveci in his Gebze farm.

We always honor Lütfi Deveci, and his belowed wife Fahriye Deveci who endured his life time work, for being the man who created this product which has become the sole source of income for many farmers in Turkey.

Ali Deveci’s endeavor started while he was visiting a friends vineyard in Cesme, where he often went for holidays.

At the time, he had no intention of going back to the family business which was divested following his father’s retirement in the 80’s. However, Ali eventually decided to take the challenge of   continuing his father’s legacy.  He planted the roots of modern Turkish vineyard agriculture in Cesme Ovacik, by opening the Deveci Vineyards.

Deveci BağlarıHe combined 60 years of knowledge with the new agricultural methods. All agricultural surveys were carried out in France. All clones and matures were imported from Mercier and Charente Plant.

He specifically chose vines which were unavailable in the region with the purpose of making his own wine eventually.

Using his childhood experience in agricultural farming, he worked out unique methods and processes, which he thoroughly applies in the   Deveci Vineyards today.

Ali  realized that a certain quality of life was as vital  as patience, the weather, the soil and  the sun for making good wine. He found the perfect harmony of these criteria in Ovacik. After all, his father was right, when he repeatedly   used to say “The land will always call you back...”

Although he took the example of best global practices and planned to produce his wine in his own vineyard,   Ali is still working to overcome the obstacles in obtaining a production license from the authorities. Meanwhile,  his delicately grown grapes are sold only to the wine manufacturers who understand his philosophy.

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