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Agricultural Methods

Taking local winds in consideration, our vineyards are planted latitudinally, with a special technique devised by the Deveci family, which allows more planting per square meter.

In autumn, our soil is  enriched with organic nitrogenous fertilizers and micro organisms, which have been  determined to be missing  after extensive laboratory tests.

In order to level and breathe out the non uniform soil, which has hardened in time the land is trenched up to 3 feet with the help of a ripper.

ziraat01After plowing in spring, support sticks are placed and aligned with the help of a pressurized water planting tool developed by Deveci Vineyards. Thanks to this invention, 2 planters and 2 helpers can plant 1500 sticks in a day.

Taking the strong summer heat into consideration, we use the shadowing umbrella training method during green pruning.

Sometimes westward facing leaves are pruned before harvest. On the first year of planting, short bud pruning was applied in order for the roots to reach to the desired depth quickly. On consecutive years, pruning is applied to leave 4 to 5 buds on seasonal shoots.

ziraat03Grape vines from specific clones yield a specific amount of harvest and it is not possible to alter it. On summer pruning, leave and vine quantities are taken in to consideration.

Dormant pruning starts off with a pruning machine and is followed by the same person pruning and tying all the vines in a field with the help of power tools which don’t damage  the vines.

Some of our fields are drip irrigated due to the demanding soil conditions. Summer pruning is done with specific angles depending on the season and vine demand, again with the help of power tools.

Spraying pesticide is one of the most important aspects in our vineyards. It  is done with great attention to  detail. The correct amount and composition of pesticide is sprayed annually based on the variety of the clone pedigrees.

ziraat05 No additional pesticide is applied, which is a common practice for a higher eventual yield from vineyards.

All pesticide used in our vineyards are from well known major European brands and are applied according to their norms and guidelines.

We believe in the fact that a good wine is grown on the field. Every year, with the help of our French consultants, we produce a samples amount of wine allowed by the authorities. This allows us to learn and find the right path in growing good grape vines.

Also, we benefit from our own wine making experience for the purpose of improving our techniques in pruning, irrigation and other agricultural aspects. It  helps us avoid erroneous traditional guidelines and practices . Hence, it enables us to  pinpoint the  ripening times exactly.

Although we grow every grape vine as if we were going to make wine ourselves, unfortunately due to the mass wine producers’ different priorities , our grapes are sometimes left outside of the “lime light”. Nevertheless, we do not compromise from being the best at what we do, which has been the Deveci family tradition for over a century.



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